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February 21, 2007, 6:23 pm
Filed under: vegetarianism

To address the concerns of some of its consumers, Smithfield Foods is making some changes in how it treats its pigs:

Smithfield Foods, the nation’s largest pork company and a mainstay on the North Carolina agribusiness scene, will phase out its use of the cages in which breeding sows are confined after they are artificially inseminated and before they give birth. The confinement is now so close in the 2-foot by 7-foot cages that the pigs cannot turn around.

This would seem to be at least a little more humane. Nice to see a company actually listen on this issue. But there is a long way to go, given the barbaric nature of today’s factory farms. These are some of the world’s most intelligent animals, folks. I think they deserve something better.


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Totally agree with you about factory farms.

My dad’s family were dairy farmers for many years and, after visiting a huge milking operation in Indiana a couple of years ago, he hasn’t had a glass of milk since. The horrible conditions the cows were living in turned his stomach and, frankly, broke his heart.

Comment by moon_grrl

moon_grrrl, thanks for the comment! I don’t think I could stomach an actual visit to a factory farm. What I’ve read and seen online is almost more than I can take.

Comment by outoftheforest

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