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April 12, 2007, 6:23 pm
Filed under: vegetarianism

A new study shows that women who eat red meat are at a greater risk of getting breast cancer:

The findings are most striking for post-menopausal women – those with the highest intake of red meat, the equivalent to one portion a day (more than 57 grams) – run a 56 per cent greater risk of breast cancer than those who eat none.

Women who eat the most processed meat, such as bacon, sausages, ham or pies, run a 64 per cent greater risk of breast cancer than those who eat none.

Don’t those percentages seem frighteningly high?


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I wonder if these figures have to do with the hormones, etc. in animal products. It’s very unsettling. I don’t each much meat, I’m definitely more of a carb person. And I drink only organic milk because I don’t want the extra hormones, antibiotics, etc. I mean, I am supposed to watch what I eat while pregnant and breastfeeding…shouldn’t we be watching what cows eat?

Comment by Momo

This is one of the reasons I don’t eat meat or feed it to my family. It’s just crazy. And the FDA is so lax when it comes to regulating the meat industry that its scary.

I only feed my daughter organic milk because I am afraid of the the growth hormones (and pesticides and antibiotics). I really think there is going to be a study in the next decade showing the horrible things that non-organic milk has done to young girls.

There are already statistics that they are starting their menses earlier. Its gotta be the hormones.

The sad thing is that most people don’t think (or want to) about what they put in their bodies.

Comment by Leeanthro

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