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April 17, 2007, 6:55 pm
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The long-awaited Creation Museum is set to open in a few months, and the BBC has an interesting story about it. Quote:

On a rocky ledge, there is a pair of small theropods – young T. rex individuals, we’re told. And near to them (“hold onto your hat”, says Ken, anticipating our disbelief) there are two human children playing by a stream.

Most geologists would say humans and dinosaurs were separated by more than 60 million years. And those dinosaurs have very sharp teeth!

“So do bears”, says Ken, “but they eat nuts and berries! Remember, before the sin of Adam, the world was perfect. All creatures were vegetarian.” One of the dinosaurs lets out a rather contradictory roar.

27 million dollars was spent to build this craptastic “museum”. I bet I could think up some better uses for that money. And I think Jesus would agree with me.


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I can practically FEEL myself getting stupider while reading that story. Sigh.

Lewis Black and I need to start throwing FOSSILS at some of these people, me thinks.

Comment by moon_grrl

Oh my! I just don’t even have a response to this ignorance!

I’m an archaeologist and get asked all the time about dinosaur bones (“No, that’s paleontology. I study humans of the past.”). But I would think that most people realize that humans and dinos didn’t populate the earth simultaneously.

Comment by Leeanthro

Ha! The fact that it’s in Kentucky says it all for me….

Comment by gamera

Funny that all three of us that have commented so far are all in archaeology (well, Gamera is an editor of archaeology books, but Moon Girl and I are trained in archaeology).

But it doesn’t take an archaeologist to know that people and dino’s just don’t get along.

Haven’t the creators of this museum seen Jurasic Park?

Comment by Leeanthro

Sigh…one more sign that the United States is waaaay to religious in the wrong way. In Lutheran sunday school, there was never any question that the world was billions of years old. Alas for the demise of the mainstream churches where some common sense and respect for science still reigned.

Comment by Ryan

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A friend once visited some theme park in Florida called Creation Land or something to that effect (it’s been shut down) but it was probably less ridiculous than this museum is. I really wish I could remember the name of the place.

Comment by Katherine

If you don’t believe this story, why are there footprints of both man and dinosaur in the same impression found in Texas? Of course man and dinos didn’t get along. Why do you think there are none around today? What harsh winter conditions didn’t kill, man did. You ever hear of Sir George and the dragon?

Comment by Jim

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